It has been said, “The roadsides may become the last open spaces that we have. We view our world now through the windshield. The roadside is a reflection of who we are.” Why not keep these threads of beauty as they once were? No need to trash them with exotic plants from Europe, South America or Africa. Offered for everyone who would like to keep the land responsibly beautiful. The Texas-Oklahoma Native Roadside Mix consists of 100% native wildflowers. Just the right mixture of annuals and perennials for quick establishment and sustainable plantings. Low to medium heights at maturity allow good visibility over the top of the plants. Always let plants reseed before mowing for year-after-year native blooms. If you are a land planner or in a public service agency, we have included the percentage by weight chart for bid documents ... all ideally suited to thrive in the changeable climate of the south central Great Plains. Unlike many of the other so-called native wildflower mixes, ours contain no “extras” of seeds from California, Africa or Europe. Nor do they come packed with any rice husks or other inert matter to pad out the package and make it look like you’re getting more than you really are. Grows to about knee-high. Texas Bluebonnet , Indian Blanket, Black-Eyed Susan, Prairie Coneflower, Clasping Coneflower, Lemon Mint, Mexican Hat, Plains Coreopsis 1 lb $29 D-pak $16 Pkt $3 2000 sf 700 sf 20 sf Lawn & Garden Seeding rate 20 lbs / acre Native Texas Mix Item #1001 Texas-Oklahoma Native Roadside MixTM Native Texas MixTM 1 lb $39 D-pak $19 Pkt $3 2000 sf 500 sf 20 sf Lawn & Garden Seeding Rate 20 lbs / acre TX-OK Native Roadside Mix Item #1810 Texas Bluebonnet 18.74% Indian Blanket 10.94% Greenthread 7.35% Plains Coreopsis 7.32% Clasping Coneflower 6.15% Lanceleaf Coreopsis 5.65% Scarlet Sage 5.35% Lemon Mint 5.05% Purple Prairie Clover 5.00% Cutleaf Daisy 4.80% Huisache Daisy 4.00% Purple Coneflower 3.62% Missouri Primrose 3.60% Black-eyed Susan 2.65% Purple Coneflower Narrow Leaf 2.00% Texas Yellow Star 2.00% Golden-Wave 1.80% Pink Evening Primrose 1.15% Mexican Hat 1.05% Bush Sunflower 0.93% Prairie Coneflower 0.70% Indian Paintbrush 0.10% Winecup 0.05% Total 100% % by weight Plains Coreopsis Texas Bluebonnet Lemon Mint Our original founding mix designed in 1988 proven sustainable for 25 years Order Online • 11