16 Native American Seed • 325 446 3600 into the world of Diversity Seeds connect us to the diverse world of nature. In too many areas, outdoor spaces have come un-hinged with not much living and unsustainable. But it’s proven, when we create enough outdoor living spaces interwoven with food web connections...vibrant life soon arrives finding abundant food and shelter. Your land, whether in town or country, can sustain diverse flora and fauna. Side benefits include tranquil outdoor living spaces for humans too. Wildlife, and the bizzy human, awaits our collective helping hands. We are all inextricably connected to the land. Visit Commons Ford Prairie - Austin, TX see committed individuals, organizations and agencies creating model examples commonsfordpro.blogspot.com photo credits: Hummingbird and Flycatcher by Rusty Ray, Painted Bunting by Steve Schaeffer, Bobwhite Quail by Marty Jones, background Scarlet Tanager feathers by USGS Native Bee Monitoring Program Open YOUR window Nutritious bird seeds are produced by unique native grasses & wildflowers. See Texas Cupgrass p 80 or Sustainable Quail & Dove p 14. Tips for Creating Bird Habitat: • Local birds recognize native plants as producers of rich food and familiar shelter. • Exotic plants may look beautiful to us, but insects and birds may not even recognize them • Create multi layers of plants, grasses and trees that grow different heights and textures • Dense areas of vegetation provide security, shelter, roosting, loafing, nesting and food • Diverse plants attract more diverse types of wildlife • Seeds and insects are eaten directly from stems and leaves, reduce or eliminate mowing • Insects are very necessary rich food sources, reduce or eliminate pesticides 16 Native American Seed • 325 446 3600