Order Online • www.seedsource.com 17 American Basketflower Annual Winecup Black-Eyed Susan Bush Sunflower Butterfly Weed Clasping Coneflower Cutleaf Daisy Foxglove Gayfeather Greenthread Illinois Bundleflower Lemon Mint Maximilian Sunflower Partridge Pea Pink Evening Primrose Purple Coneflower Purple Prairie Clover Scarlet Sage Standing Cypress Winecup With nearly 30 years of gathering seeds and studying nature, we've found our winged friends appreciate the diversity in this mix. Songbirds and hummingbirds use these plants as a food source, nesting materials and cover. Select a sunny space and enjoy. Rangeland Seeding Rate 15 lbs / acre Lawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 700 sf Hummers & Singers Item #4503 $3 pkt 20 sf $26 d-pak 200 sf $44 / lb Hummers &Singers MixTM Order Online • www.seedsource.com 17