diverse wildlife migrations and good neighbors are meant to be forever Pretty sure we are all in this together. But you’ll not find anyone more into it than Sara Dykman. In March 2017, Sara left on bicycle from the monarch butterfly wintering grounds in central Mexico to follow butterflies on a 10,000 mile round-trip bicycle adventure. “I’m not just learning about monarchs, but all about people teaming up to plant habitat for the future,” she says. After biking 1,000 miles alone, Sara arrived at Cool River Cabin on our Native American Seed Farm for 3-days of much deserved rest. And you think we are passionate about native seeds! Sara is passionately sharing information with everybody she meets about the migration of monarch butterflies. She visits school classrooms at stops all along the way. While here at the farm, Dykman visited Junction Elementary and talked to students about geography, climate, cultural diversity, monarch migrations, biology of butterflies, and the importance of challenging yourself and following your dreams. Sara looks back at Mexican highway speed limit 35 mph in Presence of Monarchs, Can you imagine butterfly migrations crossing highways in the USA?