Order Online • www.seedsource.com 27 Riparian Recovery MixTM see p 69 erosion control blankets useful in seeding bare areas see p 88 live roots direct from our farm see p 72 when planting during cool season (Sept-Feb), Cereal Rye Grain is recommended as a nurse crop Not all plants are created equal in providing stability, unique native plants shape healthy, functional riparian areas Seeding rate 9 lbs / acre Over 10 lb Price per Lb — $29 Riparian Recovery Mix Item #4506 Stability Ratings SR according to Ability to withstand Erosive Forces of Water Stability Ratings of individual plants is multiplied in interconnected colonies SR 6 Frostweed SR 6 Tall Goldenrod SR 5 Tall Aster SR 5 Cardinal Flower SR 8 Button Bush SR 3 Clammyweed SR 6 Maximilian Sunflower SR 9 Eastern Gamagrass SR 6 Prairie Wildrye SR 9 Switchgrass SR 7 Indiangrass SR 5 Inland Seaoats SR 6 Virginia Wildrye SR 5 Bushy Bluestem SR 5 White Tridens SR 7 Alkali Sacaton SR 4 Illinois Bundleflower species not yet rated: Big Bluestem Green Sprangletop Sideoats Grama Plains Bristlegrass Florida Paspalum Frogfruit Cane Bluestem Texas Cupgrass Plains Coreopsis Canada Goldenrod Black-Eyed Susan Partridge Pea Scarlet Sage Marsh Elder Clasping Coneflower Lemon Mint Pink Evening Primrose Swamp Sunflower Sawgrass Rose Milkweed Giant Goldenrod Southwestern Bristlegrass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10anchored rock highly stable bare ground highly erodible minimum necessary for adequate bank stability { Riparian areas are the critical interface between uplands and waterways. Texas is home to more than 3,700-streams and 15 major rivers. Riparian areas are essential in storing and protecting water quality, preventing erosion and providing nutrients and habitat for fish, fireflies and other wildlife. Our actions can sustain important, healthy ecosystem services for all to enjoy... now and in the future. Manicured turf lawns are extremely low stabilizer plants, offering little soil protection or water filtration. Even worse, lawn grasses negate the important sponge effect of healthy riparian function. Native, deep-rooted, diverse plant communities of various heights work to help dissipate floodwater energy, filter and trap sediment, and stabilize soil and plant recovery. During periods of drought, water-holding capacity of deep root masses act like a giant sponge slowly releasing water back into the stream. After severe floods, regeneration occurs naturally in riparian areas especially where connections to existing healthy uplands are in place. $44 Your Remarkable Riparian Set Item #6073 3 lbs $124 1 lb $44 D-pak $14 15,000 sf 5,000 sf 500 sf Order Online • www.seedsource.com 27