some things will never change native plants will always belong and don’t be afraid to make a move to connect then, of course, the Waco family of black-eyes gave little secrets to the Red River black-eyes that taught how to live in the heat of a summer drought. That next summer we found ourselves on the Blackland Prairie with dry, cracked open soil. I remember my buffalo cousin stepped in a deep crack in the black clay and broke her ankle. She was born up in northern Kansas and had been separated from her family last year during a wildfire. The move south was too much for her. She never did adapt to the hot summer and sure enough that cracked ground and broken ankle did her in. As time went the Black-Eyed Susans could be heard saying what a good neighborly exchange had been made. They felt stronger because of joining together as a family. “We could get along for an eternity doing this. Your kids and my kids can sustain for a long time,” they said. The surviving buffalo were all in agreement even though many changes are known to be coming. And that is the way of it. At this moment it was said... Thinking of scattering seeds around your place? Wondering which seeds belong?  WHAT IS A NATIVE? native plants will always belong One Vast Winters Count Native American West before Lewis & Clark by Calloway 597 pp, hardcover 3. ITEM #6043 $23 Ishmael by Daniel Quinn 263 pp, softcover 7. ITEM #6060 $18 The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan Pulitzer Prize winner. 340 pp, softcover 4. ITEM #6044 $16 1491 New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann 541 pp, softcover 1. ITEM #6046 $18 Cabeza de Vaca's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America 160 pp, softcover 2. ITEM #6042 $19 Sand County Almanac and sketches here and there by Aldo Leopold 240 pp, softcover 5. ITEM #6065 $9 E i g h t S t o r y S e q u e n c e Knowing what happened in the past is essential to make meaningful, lasting changes to the future. Read this series in order. Learn what has occurred over the course of human history that got us to where we are right now. Learn to better understand where we may be going from here. Order Online • A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright 186 pp, softcover 8. ITEM #6056 $16 49 Photo of Flinthills Prairie in Kansas Hard Scrabble by John Graves Observations on a Patch of Land 271 pp, softcover 6. ITEM #6047 $26