Our Awesome and Changing World At Native American Seed we deeply appreciate big hearted folks like Sara who are spreading light. With so much negative energies swirling about us, many people are saying: “I just want to do something positive today.” “I would like to plant good seeds in the meadow.” “I have hopes of a more beautiful tomorrow.” “I want to feel like I belong, touch the earth, and restore the land.” Back here at the farm, we’re working ‘til dusk again. Planting more rows than we had last year. We must carry on. We plant for next year’s crop... because we are farmers. We have faith in life. People are seeing benefits by restoring more clean healthy land, water, and air. Every person can freely access the open space in their own minds. Because of Sara, people are learning wisdom, beauty and connectedness of all wild things. Even if you can’t bike the migration, you can be a part of it by providing native plants and milkweed for the monarchs and other pollinators. We are in this together. We each make a difference. Follow Sara’s amazing turtle island cycling adventure and check out her educational video made at the farm Native Plants: what’s so special? Native = Alien And from our close neighbor, don’t miss what Turk Pipkin is working on: Nobility Project / Monarch Mission Milkweed / Dig deeper, go to... www.seedsource.com