Southeastern USA heavily influenced by gulf COASTAL weather patterns from Rio Grande to the Pineywoods, Piedmont Crescent & Atlantic Coastal Savannahs Order Online • 59 American Basketflower American Germander Aster Big Bluestem Black-Eyed Susan Blazing Star Gayfeather Boneset Broomsedge Bluestem Brown-Eyed Susan Brownseed Paspalum Doll’s Daisy Florida Paspalum Green Milkweed Goldenrod Gulf Coast Muhly Indian Blanket Indiangrass Lemon Mint Little Bluestem Long Spike Tridens Lovegrass Marsh Elder Partridge Pea Plains Coreopsis Purple Lovegrass Rattlebox Prairie Agalinis Rattlesnake Master Rough Dropseed Splitbeard Bluestem Stiff Yellow Flax Swamp Sunflower Sand Lovegrass Sand Dropseed Splitbeard Bluestem Switchgrass Tall Dropseed Tall Gaura Threeawn Wild Buckwheat Stars were still bright against the early morn blackness... walkin’ back to the house. I’d just sent the 18-wheeler loaded with combine; a 1-ton service truck loaded with tools and red farm diesel out onto the dark highway. The men headed east off the plateau towards a lonesome tall grass refuge. The coastal prairie is ripe with seed this time of the year. Turning off lights in the barn, I could hear gears shifting as the men, one of ‘em my son, faded into the dark distance. My mind and body stopped for a rare moment... becoming a pure silence. I looked up to reflect upon the work... and my place in it all. Once the most productive grassland in North America, our native Coastal Prairies have essentially vanished. Native American Seed is committed to large-scale conservancy harvests on Texas’ last great prairie remnants. Incredible native diversity is now available to help restore outdoor living spaces, urban pocket prairies, wildlife habitat, sustainable grazing and prairie conservation. Gathered from land that has never been plowed. The same grasses walked upon by the people before us. These seeds know exactly how to live right here with no extra care. They have already seen the worst floods, freezes and droughts. Many unique genetic ecotypes adapted to sandy clay loam soils and climates along the Gulf Coast states. Recommended in Gulf Coast Prairies, Pineywoods, Southeastern Plains, Tamaulipan Brush Country and the Coastal Savannah ecoregions. Wildlife survival, such as the endangered Attwater Prairie Chicken, depends on restoring and preserving healthy, diverse native habitats. From urban "pocket-prairie gardens" to a 1,000 acre rice field restoration, all of us play increasingly important roles. Create a sustainable future for the next generation to inherit. Visit the Cajun Prairie Preservation Society in Eunice, La. to experience a healthy, diverse coastal prairie photo by Larry Allain, USGS National Wetlands Research Center Coastal Prairie Mix Item # 2801 Rangeland Seeding Rate 10 lbs / acre Lawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 2000 sf Height 1-5 feet 300 sf / $15 d-pak 1-9 lbs $19 / lb 10-49 lbs $18.60 / lb 50+ lbs $18.20 / lb 40 species E c o System in a B a g T M Legendary Genetics - Proven Results Coastal Prairie MixTM