The Seeds we offer are native to the regions on centerfold map. Diverse groups of businesses, government agencies, schools, nonprofit organizations, land managers and home owners are using these seeds to solve common landscape problems. What Problems Here you find no promotion of ‘exotic’ plants that are from Morocco, Paraguay, Brazil or Europe. Know that bermudagrass and African daisy are from the other side of the planet. Crimson clover, baby’s breath, corn poppy and dame’s rocket are from Europe. Train your eye to recognize the exotics and their consequences. The use of exotics may require that you attempt to “control the elements.” Often these exotics go out of control and, lacking balance in their new environment, may take over large areas of land when planted here. The Waste By planting exotics, your time, money and energy may be wasted. Activities such as replanting each year, spraying dangerous chemicals, working hours or days each week on boring maintenance or worse yet — continual watering may be required. All are unwise choices for our budgets, the quality of our water, and our land. The Benefits With simple truths, it's possible to make clear choices. Native seeds belong in your landscape. Native plants and grasses work for you! They require no extra watering once established. They are naturally disease and bug resistant. Fertilizing, not required. Grueling maintenance is unnecessary. We guarantee you will enjoy these benefits. The Value Why not embrace what remains of our natural world? The open prairies and meadows, the deep woods. The wet marshes, creeks and rivers. The dry deserts and mountains. Value native vegetation as food and habitat for other living creatures around us. Choices About the Future As time has run out for many native habitats, consider leaving your land in better condition than you found it. Make informed choices about the future of the land, be responsible and plant native seeds. You have the power to make a difference! Become native to your place. Choose a path of stewardship and a lifetime of wonder and learning. Sensible People, Ph: 800-728-4043 Fax: 800-728-3943 3791 N US Hwy 377 Junction, TX 76849 © Native American Seed, 2017 Order before 11am & we'll ship same day N A T I VE AME R I C A N S E E D Working Seed Farm: call ahead to schedule a seed order pick-up, farm tours only by special arrangement due to time and safety constraints. Unannounced drop-ins will be charged extra handling fee to pull order. Thank you!