Order Online • www.seedsource.com 67 . Wetland Fringe & Drainf i e l d Upper Slope Wildflowers . E r o s i o n B l a n k e t p 6 9 Live Roots p 88 SITE SPECIFIC MIXES 67 A perfect collection of colorful, healing diversity for damaged and disturbed wetland fringe areas. Consider planting together with taller, moisture-loving grasses for erosion control and habitat improvement along water edges. Clasping Coneflower, Giant Goldenrod, Pink Evening Primrose, lllinois Bundleflower, Black-Eyed Susan, Pitcher Sage, Maximilian Sunflower, Plains Coreopsis, American Basketflower, Giant Coneflower, Cutleaf Daisy, Scarlet Sage Rangeland Seeding Rate 20 lbs / acre Lawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 2000 sf Wetland Fringe Mix Item #1807 1 lb $44 1/4 lb $17 1 pkt $5 2000 sf 500 sf 20 sf Wetland Fringe MixTM WILDFLOWERS For areas that have periodic moist soils such as septic drainfields, drainage channels, or side slopes of detention basins. Native warm season perennial grasses selected for adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions. Cereal rye grain provides temporary quick cool-season cover to help meet county septic system ordinances. Big Bluestem, Cereal Rye Grain, Eastern Gamagrass, Green Sprangletop, Prairie Wildrye, Switchgrass, White Tridens, Broomsedge Bluestem, Bushy Bluestem Drainfield Mix TM Rangeland Seeding Rate 30 lbs / acre Lawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 200 sf Drainfield Mix Item #2861 1 - 9 lbs $9.95 / lb 10-49 lbs $9.45 / lb 50+ lbs $8.95 / lb Upper Slope Wildflower Mix TM Bluebonnets, Purple Prairie Clover, Partridge Pea, Texas Yellow Star, Gayfeather, White Prairie Clover, Lemon Mint, Plains Coreopsis, Indian Blanket, Tall Goldenrod WILDFLOWERS Rangeland Seeding Rate 10 lbs / acre Lawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 1700 sf Upper Slope Wildflower Mix Item #1815 1 lb $39 1/4 lb $15 1 pkt $5 1700 sf 425 sf 20 sf Plant in the fall. Add to your Dam Slope grass mix if you seed in the fall. Or it can be fall-overseeded into your spring-planted Dam Slope grass mix. GRASSES