Have native seed & no-till drills, will travel. Our fleet of no-till seed drills can be calibrated precisely to place native seeds at the optimal planting depth without costly seed bed preparation. This saves land owners and managers time and money. Through accurate seeding rates, precision seed placement and minimal disturbance restoration can be achieved faster without a loss of soil moisture and organic matter. No-till drills can be used to add diversity into previous plantings without killing existing desirable vegetation. You can be assured our restoration crew only uses native seeds in our equipment. Detailed cleaning of all equipment is completed before arriving to a new site. Proven results, when it absolutely has to grow. Nothing can compare to a no till seed drill in the hands of a skilled professional. Native American Seed's restoration team has 25 years of experience seeding thousands of acres throughout Texas and Louisiana in all soil types. We even have experience in making water saving conversions on golf courses. Three sizes of drills available for acreages large and small. Enjoy even greater value for cooperative efforts amongst neighbors. Due to varying site conditions, site visit is required in advance. 800 728 4043 Have native seed & no-till drills, will travel. SEED YES 70 Native American Seed • 325 446 3600 large and small projects of all sizes No-Till Drill Seeding