7 " 6" 1 " 5 . 5 " 7" native Bluestems were the keystone prairie grasses. Prairies provided incredibly rich ecosystem services that helped make Texas a great place. But with today’s economic value, it’s not likely that bermudagrass will make any official weed list. Anyone who has ever tried to keep bermudagrass out of the garden or a native planting knows how tenaciously aggressive it really is. Aliens present challenges when conducting native prairie restoration work. And aliens continue to be introduced into the environment. Alien plant issues are significant and complex; and probably the people can solve them best. POWER BY LEARNING Plant identification is not something only reserved for botanists and PhDs. Many common plants are easily identifiedwithalittlepractice.Resources are available to help you, some here in this catalog. One thing is for sure; native plants used to know exactly how to live right here… with no extra care. Together, we can build models to help others learn how to put natives back on the land. Over time, we may see value in returning to more sustainable ways of balancing the roots of our economy. We can change how we value native grasses. In Texas, our property rights are sacred. But with land ownership comes serious and grounded responsibility. We are voting with every dollar we spend. We know food must be produced with careful stewardship of the land, mostly from domesticated plants and animals. Raising awareness about plants and their long-term impacts on the land can become a force for positive change. We can make needed changes, even in our own yards. But we can go further. For example, local cities and schools manage public outdoor spaces. The spaces add up as Texas is experiencing the fastest land fragmentation and urban development in the nation. With comprehensive land stewardship practices, we can actively participate to improve the management of public lands. Sometimes it seems the only plan going is to make the place One Big City! Balance is needed to protect and share our space with the trees, creeks and rivers, the four legged and the winged ones. THINGS WE CAN DO · Become native to your place · Get a hoe, do battle with the aliens · Use native plants, grasses and wildflowers on your corner of planet · Support ranchers & farmers producing food with good land stewardship · Let your landscape do the talking, share the story with neighbors · Participate in decisions that affect the management of public spaces · Remember you vote with every $ Tools to Control Aliens Start with heavy duty tools made in the USA - 100% organic control Hand forged thick steel from agricultural plow shares, these long-lasting tools are superior to any available in big box stores. Great for taking out pesky weeds such as cheat grass, bastard cabbage, bur clover, KR Bluestem and other aliens. Undesirable plants don’t stand a chance. Perfect for gardeners fed up with cheap garden hoes that fall to pieces. After a decade of using these for organic weed control on restoration projects and our seed farm, we now offer these products to help you restore the earth. Use the sharp corner to take care of smaller weeds or the long flat side to dislodge root systems of larger perennials. Both men and women enjoy the effectiveness of these high quality tools. Careful, these will be sharp and ready for use when they show up! Keep ‘em sharp with a good flat file. Take care of your tools and they'll take care of you. Most effective tool I've ever used! - Znobia Item#7077 - $42 For close quarters combat in defense against alien invaders. The tool for early detection. Slices tender young seedlings in their most vulnerable and easiest stage to control.  2.4 lbs. 60" ash handle Item#7076 - $44 Substantial weight at the end of the hoe makes short work of uprooting even the most established aliens. General all purpose hoe should last a lifetime with proper care. I keep mine handy on the porch. 4 lbs. 60" ash handle Item#7078 - $48 Head is sharp as an axe on three sides with a pick on opposite side for grubbing roots and rocks. 4.4 lbs. 60" ash handle Item#7079 - $75 Robust cut and rake tool for grubbing under knots of small cedar and mesquites up to 1" diameter. Prescribed burn applications such as raking coals and building fire breaks. 5.4 lbs. 54" ash handle "Tomahawk" "Arrow" "Trail Builder" "Fire Rake"