Texas Wintergrass #2513 12-14" ht, lush cool season growth. dormant in summer, but stays green, requiring no mow, no water p 39 Nasella leucotricha Waco Indiangrass #2517 a new addition to our root offerings. grows 3-4' ht with fall bloom Sorghastrum nutans Upland Switchgrass #2511 not as aggressive and blends well with other upland grasses and forbs. excellent for birds & mammals Panicum virgatum Our men gathered some tools together and headed out to the rescue of some Eastern Gamagrass on the late RC Mauldin's home place near Waco. While we were planting the roots back at the Junction farm, bulldozers leveled RC's lifetime of work for a new subdivision. These roots are now growing and happily multiplying in hopes that you may benefit from these men's work. R.C. Mauldin was an elder and mentor to many people of rangeland, soil and water conservation work in the early-mid 1900's. Gamagrass Plateau #2504 fast growing, highly productive forage grass with deep perennial roots. this eco-type from central Texas Tripsacum dactyloides Gamagrass Rolling Plains #2506 eco-type from north Texas area. gamagrass often grows on uplands in the deeper soils Tripsacum dactyloides Big Bluestem Plateau.........#2500 formerly the most dominant grass on the tall grass prairie. found this eco-type at 2000' above sea level on far west end of edwards plateau Andropogon gerardii - Live Roots - Order Online • www.seedsource.com 89 Cane Bluestem #2522 hardy perennialgrass can tolerate the worst growing conditions. beautiful seedheads Bothriochloa barbinodis Texas Bluegrass #2507 uncommon cool season evergreen perennial. loves shade or full sun. short 8-10", really easy & fast to grow Poa arachnifera Switchgrass #2524 attracts dove, quail, turkey. deep roots are extremely stabilizing near wet areas. well-suited for dry sunny areas Panicum virgatum Artemesia #2516 Artemisia ludoviciana silver-gray foliage, fragrant crushed or burned. the ancients made smudge sticks to cleanse tipi, heart ‘n soul Maximilian Sunflower #2501 Helianthus maximiliani 4 to 8 ft tall, this fall blooming periannial sunflower creates distinct and beautiful deep green colonies Tall Goldenrod #2503 Solidago altissima great for stabilizing wet areas and a nectar producer for fall butterflies Tall Aster #2502 Symphyotrichum praealtum var praealtum spreads readily in sun, shade, wet or dry areas. butterflies flock to this great nectar source in fall migration Texas Cupgrass #2515 good native prairie indicator, though mostly grazed out. birds love the nutritional seeds. more info p 80 Eriochloa sericea Arizona Cottontop..............#2525 rapidly establishes. very drought tolerant. white delicate cottontop seedheads beautiful display in mass plantings Digitaria californica Gamagrass Blackland #2505 this eco-type from the blackland prairie. all gamagrasses are excellent streambank stabilizers Tripsacum dactyloides Florida Paspalum #2526 Paspalum floridanum rhizomatous perennial grows in disturbed, wet habitat. Seeds provide excellent food source for birds NEW