Order Online • www.seedsource.com 95 #9999 1 Case Past Catalogs Native American Seed FREE (approx. 100) for artists & educators. Great field guide, color photos. #6048 Remarkable Plants of Texas Matt Warnock Turner $30 Fully appreciate how Texas' native plants have sustained people and animals for prehistoric times to the present. 320 pp, hardcover #6010 Requiem for a Lawnmower Sally & Andy Wasowski $17 Inspirational and humorous tales of transform- ing a conventional landscape into a low-main- tenance native paradise. 211 pp, softcover #6054 Resilience Thinking Brian Walker and David Salt $28 Sustaining Ecosystems & People in a Changing World. 174 pp, softcover #6071 Texas Bobwhites Larson, Fulbright, Brennan, Hernandez, Bryant $25 A guide to quail foods and habitat management 294 pp, softcover #6033 Texas Gardening the Natural Way J. Howard Garrett $40 Start gardening the natural way! Here's how-to from one of Texas' best experts. 382 pp, hard- cover #6007 Texas Range Plants S.L. Hatch & J. Pluhar $30 Detailed line drawings help you identify 140 species with grazing / wildlife values. 326 pp #6003 Texas Wildflowers Campbell & Loughmiller $20 Statewide field guide with 381 beautiful color photos and forward by Lady Bird. 270 pp #6018 Texas Wildscapes Kelly Conrad Bender $25 Favorite of gardeners and a standard for determining how to create nature-friendly home gardens. #6062 The Amazing Monarch Windle Turley $39 Spectacular xlarge full color photographs of the monarch butterfly & its amazing migration. #6036 The Flower Mound Alton Brown $30 A 12-acre native prairie protected from development by local citizens. 112 pp, softcov #6079 The Living Landscape Doug Tallamy / Rick Darke $40 How to create a garden that is full of life fullfilling both human and wildlife needs #6044 The Worst Hard Time Timothy Egan $16 A lasting and important work of American his- tory capturing the very voice of the times: its grit, pathos, and abiding courage. 340 pp #6064 There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars Bob Crelin $18 The first of its kind, a beautifully-illustrated, lyrical bedtime story which helps children discover the magic of the night sky. hardcover #6053 Trees, Shrubs & Vines of Texas Hill Country Jan Wrede $24 125 species of mostly native, woody plants of Texas Hill Country. 259 pp, softcover #6024 Vol1 #6031 Vol2 #6049 Vol3 #6070 Vol4 Useful Wild Plants Cheatham, Johnston & Marshall $140 each Lifetime endeavor to list every plant and its uses in Texas, surrounding states and Mexico. Amazing resource & extraordinary dedication. * Vol4 NEW just published! * #6077 Water From Stone Jeffrey Greene $25 The Story of Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve in the Texas Hill Country. #6028 Weeds of the West Western Society of Weed Science $60 Easy to use guide with over 900 color photos to help you identify weeds and natives. 628 pp, softcover #6016 Wildflowers of Houston & SE Texas John & Gloria Tveten $22 200 Species in color with interesting historical tales. 309 pp, softcover #6001 Wildflowers of Texas Geyata Ajilvsgi $20 Color coded pages & handy size make this an ideal field guide for 482 of Texas native wild- flowers. 524 pp, softcover #6002 Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country Marshall Enquist $20 Color photos & detailed descriptions, ideal field guide. 524 pp, softcover #6006 Wildflowers of the Western Plains Zoe Merriman Kirkpatrick $20 A native herself, she offers 186 species with color photos of hardy wildflowers. Plains of TX, NM, CO, KA. 240 pp, softcover #6073 Your Remarkable Riparian Steve Nelle & Nueces River Authority $44 Set of two books from leading riparian experts. 3rd edition covers most of Texas with more plants, photos and descriptions BOOKS & RESOURCES NEW NEW NEW NEW