Common Milkweed
Asclepias syriaca
Monarchs are counting on each of us to do our part in protecting their mystery and beauty. Only by working together can we insure that milkweeds and butterflies will always have a place in this world.

How to Get Native Milkweed Seeds to Germinate

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For those of us who love the monarch butterfly the common Milkweed is an easy to grow perennial species and is known to be one of the first plants to sprout in disturbed areas. It is the most prevalent Milkweed species found east of I-35 and throughout the North Eastern United States.

Wondering if this is the milkweed for you? Check the BONAP Native Range Map

Located in the migration path of the Monarch butterfly, the common milkweed is the host plant for 90 percent of these beautiful creatures, producing large quantities of nectar and providing a food source for many other pollinators as well.
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