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Tripsacum dactyloides 
Blackland Eastern Gamagrass Roots

Item #: 2505
Category: Live Roots
Habit: Perennial
Height: 3-4'

$19.00 per bundle



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
 X    X    X        X    X    X    X    Medium Moist 


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Originally from the blackland prairie.

This ancestor of corn makes tall, dense thickets when it finds the right conditions to grow, and can be useful as a boundary between one part of your landscape and another. When we lived in North Texas, we used it along the western border of our vegetable garden, in a low place where it enjoyed the extra moisture and poor drainage. The blooms and seeds are very interesting, and wildlife loves the plant as a whole! In tamer landscapes, you'll want to cut back the old leaves before the new ones start to appear in the Spring. But, be careful to check for butterfly eggs and pupae before you dispose of the old leaves and stems. Eastern Gamagrass is a larval food of choice for the Bunchgrass Skipper butterfly.

Tips on Planting Live Roots

You'll receive roots that will make 5 to 7 plants or more. The roots are heavy corm-like tubers, similar to iris bulbs. Plant roots as soon as you receive them. Then give a good deep watering for easy establishment.
Full planting instructions will be enclosed with your order.

Order by 11am on Monday. We dig and ship roots every Tuesday with 1-2 days UPS delivery (out of state extra charges may apply). Please be ready to plant & water your roots A.S.A.P. after receipt of order. Our goal is to ship roots on Tuesdays but from time to time mother nature has her own plans. If your shipment of roots is time critical, please call to make special arrangements. If you have seeds in your order, they will ship from our warehouse. Live Roots ship separately from our farm.


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