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Poa arachnifera 
Texas Bluegrass Roots

Item #: 2507
Category: Live Roots
Habit: Perennial
Height: 8-10 inches

$19.00 per bundle



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
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Uncommon cool-season evergreen perennial. Loves shade or full sun. With a height of 8-10, it provides a good groundcover unmowed or mowed in yards, wildscapes or range areas. Left unmowed it has an attractive dense seed head. Deer resistant but beneficial to butterflies and other forms of wildlife. It tolerates a broad range of soil conditions.

Tips on Planting Live Roots

Order by 11am on Monday. We dig and ship roots every Tuesday with 1-2 days UPS delivery (out of state extra charges may apply). Please be ready to plant & water your roots A.S.A.P. after receipt of order. Our goal is to ship roots on Tuesdays but from time to time mother nature has her own plans. If your shipment of roots is time critical, please call to make special arrangements. If you also have seeds in your order that you want to be shipped sooner, please advise on comment section of your order. Additional shipping will be charged.

Approx 15 roots in 1 bundle. Evergreen in mild summers. 6 to 10 inches tall. If drought will go dormant in summer. Late Spring sends up a stalk with seed heads on it. Collection came from a prairie remnant NW of Austin on FM 620 in 2002. It does not produce viable seed on farm because it may be all male or female plants on farm. Produce runners and spread rapidly. Grows in Sun or Shade. Little weed maintenance w/ moisture. Planted on 6" centers will fill in within 90 days to a solid mat. Grows profusely in spring or fall. 1 bundle @15 roots will cover 15 sq ft if planted on 12 inch centers. For fuller coverage sooner in sun or shade native lawn plantings, try 1 bundle per 5-6 square feet.


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