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Triden albescens 
White Tridens Roots

Item #: 2527
Category: Live Roots
Habit: Perennial
Height: 1 - 3 ft

$19.00 per bundle



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
 X    X    X        X    X            medium, moist 



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We are proud to offer this attractive native bunch grass. White seed-heads are productive and add diversity to native landscaping & restoration projects. Good forage, nesting material and nutritious seeds for wildlife. Fibrous root system hold soil very effectively. This grass grows best along drainageways and sites that overflow occasionally.

We've seen this species growing in very wet areas (above)

The Natives are Friendly

White Tridens, Tridens albescens, can be seen growing in ditches and lowland areas across the state and is the most drought tolerant of the wetland species. It has a fibrous root system which makes it a great species to plant around stock tanks, seeps & slopes for erosion control. Amazingly it is found in all of the Texas eco-regions: Trans-Pecos, High plains, Rolling Plains, Edwards Plateau, South Texas Plains, Cross Timbers & Prairies, Blackland Prairies, Post Oak Savannah, Gulf Prairies & Marshes, and occasional in the Piney Woods. The micro-habitat of occasional/seasonal standing water appears more important than total average rainfall per year or specific soil type. It is a warm season perennial that can reproduce by tillers as well as seeds. It is an early bloomer and seed production can begin when it has as little as 5 leaf blades present and will continue through to frost. The seeds are generally white with a reddish are purplish tinge. They are also small with a lb able to cover an acre giving this species of grass a high economic value. With it characteristic traits of early and continuous seed production and high economic value White Tridens is invaluable as a restoration grass species. Another characteristic is its fragrant odor that some describe as a sour odor but not unpleasant. It is speculated that this unique fragrance is the source of attraction for numerous bugs and ants that are seen here, on the farm, visiting the white Tridens plot. The harvester ants are very fond of these nutritional seeds. Some insects found in the White Tridens have never been seen in any other plot on the farm leading one to believe that this grass species is providing a unique substance necessary for their existence. When found on the range it is considered an indicator of a healthy habitat and is technically labeled an increaser. Horses and cattle will graze it but it is not a preferred species. Being a small to mid-size grass, White Tridens often gets overlooked but it is a necessary functioning piece of a healthy range/prairie habitat.

Tips on Planting Live Roots

You'll receive roots that will make 10 to 15 plants or more. Plant roots as soon as you receive them. Then give a good deep watering for easy establishment.

Order by 11am on Monday. We dig and ship roots every Tuesday with 1-2 days UPS delivery (out of state extra charges may apply). Please be ready to plant & water your roots A.S.A.P. after receipt of order. Our goal is to ship roots on Tuesdays but from time to time mother nature has her own plans. If your shipment of roots is time critical, please call to make special arrangements. If you also have seeds in your order that you want to be shipped sooner, please advise on comment section of your order. Additional shipping will be charged.


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