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Gulf Coast, Pineywoods, Southeastern Plains 
Coastal Prairie Mix

Item #: 2801
Category: Native Seed Mixes
Habit: Perennial
Height: 4 - 5 feet
Planting Rates: 

10 lbs per acre

Lawn & Garden
Dpak covers 100 sf
1 lb. per 2000 sf

Dpak - $15
1-9 lbs - $19 per lb
10-49 lbs - $18.60 per lb
50+ lbs - $18.20 per lb



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
 X    X    X        X    X            Dry Medium Moist 

Pick Weight Range:



33 species

Once the most productive grassland in North America, the native Coastal Prairie has essentially vanished. Restoration often means starting over from scratch. Native American Seed is committed to large-scale conservancy harvest on Texas’ last great prairie remnants. Occasionally a miracle of favorable weather, diligent manpower, specialized equipment all come together with mother nature resulting in a resilient abundance. Incredible native diversity is now available to land stewards interested in wildlife habitat improvement, sustainable grazing and prairie conservation. We call it "Eco-System in a Bag"! From land that has never been plowed. From the same grasses walked upon by the people before us. These seeds know exactly how to live right here with no extra care. They have already seen the worst floods, freezes and droughts.

Little Bluestem is a unique native and major component of this mixture. Adapted by evolution to soils and climates along the Gulf Coast states, these seeds are ideally suited to local southern conditions. This mixture is recommended in areas of annual rainfall greater than 28 inches such as Gulf Coast Prairies, Pineywoods, Southeastern Plains and the Coastal Savanna ecoregions.

Ultimately, survival of native wildlife species such as the endangered Attwater Prairie Chicken depends on people like you to re-create and protect healthy, diverse habitat. From the smallest urban "pocket prairie garden", to the larger 1,000 acre old farm field restoration, all of us will play an increasingly important role in what future world the next generations will inherit. If you know of native prairie remnants suitable for large-scale harvest, please advise. We appreciate your interest in our work.

(video above) The Last Stand: Saving the Coastal Prairie by Texas Parks & Wildlife

Components within our mixtures may vary slightly due to availability and possibility of two or more harvests. Please call if you want to confirm species of packaged inventory available. We are thankful for your understanding.

  American Basketflower
  Big Bluestem
  Black-Eyed Susan
  Blazing Star Gayfeather
  Broomsedge Bluestem
  Brownseed Paspalum
  Doll's Daisy
  Florida Paspalum
  Gulf Coast Muhly
  Indian Blanket
  Lemon Mint
  Gulf States Little Bluestem
  Marsh Elder
  Partridge Pea
  Plains Coreopsis
  Rattlesnake Master
  Prairie Agalinis
  Rough Dropseed
  Swamp Sunflower
  Sand Lovegrass
  Sand Dropseed
  Splitbeard Bluestem
  Tall Dropseed
  Tall Gaura
  Wild Buckwheat

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