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Native Sun Turfgrass 

Item #: 2850
Category: Native Seed Mixes
Habit: Perennial
Height: 3 - 8 inches
Planting Rates: 
7.1 oz covers 150 sf
5 lbs covers 1,700 sf
10 lbs covers 3,400 sf
20 lbs covers 6,800 sf
50 lbs covers 17,000 sf
80 lbs covers 27,500 sf

150 sqft - $19
1,700 sqft - $79
3,400 sqft - $156
6,800 sqft - $309
17,000 sqft - $759
27,500 sqft - $1199



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
 X    X    X    X    X                Dry Medium 




Native Sun Turfgrass
A Proven combination 80% Buffalograss and 20% Blue Grama

Short turf grasses that can cut your maintenance in half!

Maximum height of grass is 5 - 8" if left unmown
No Extra watering once established
No fertilizer required
No diseases or pests
Natural beauty

All these benefits... why would you ever get on the Bermuda / St. Augustine monoculture treadmill? Give yourself a break!

Plant in full sun, spring to late summer. If you are ready to take action in fall, plant a cover crop of Cereal Rye Grain.

The calculations are done - we've increased the planting rates to give you a full native lawn in one season. You just measure the square footage of your lawn area. Round up to the nearest size offered.

100% native seeds help you to minimize lawn turf. It's easy, think diversity. Plant a Pocket Prairie. Build Wildlife Habitat. Jumpstart healing of your land!

Give us a call if your square footages are larger than those offered, and we can quickly calculate, quote and ship any size.

  Blue Grama

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