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Cassia Lindheimerii 
Velvet Leaf Senna

Item #: 3151
Category: Wildflowers
Habit: Perennial
Bloom: Aug - Oct
Height: 1-3'
Planting Rates: 

1 lbs / acre

Lawn & Garden:
Packet covers 20 sf
D-pak covers 700 sf
Lb covers 11,000 sf

1 pkt. - $6.00
1 dpak. - $17.00



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
     X    X    X    X    X            Dry Medium 



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Easily grown from seed, very effective in the wildflower garden, this species can even grow in a tiny fault in solid limestone. Its leaves are thick and gray and have a velvety texture. Yellow flowers are few to several in spikelike racemes. It is often used as a background or specimen plant. A tea brewed from the leaves has a strong laxative effect.

Pollinators seem to like the bloom!


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