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Neptunia lutea 
Yellow Puff

Item #: 3187
Category: Wildflowers
Habit: Perennial
Bloom: May-June
Height: 6-18 inches
Planting Rates: 20 sq. ft.

1 pkt. - $6.00



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
 X    X    X    X    X                dry, medium 



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NEW item! Also known as sensitive briar, this neat low-growing plant crawls along the ground. It is a member of the legume family. Gently touch the leaves and they close. Eye-catching bright, yellow flowers in late spring to early summer.

Photo (bottom left) is one of the tiny butterflies, most likely a Hairstreak, that hatched out from a pupae found on Yellow Puffs. This native plant is not only good for wildlife but is also extremely drought tolerant and thrives in hot dry conditions where little else does. One plant can spread up to 6 feet across, but coexists nicely with other plants, never becoming a bully. Small animals and birds use the ripe seed pods as a food source. This species of 'sensitive briar' has no thorns.

Special thanks to Carol, for her passion in preserving, protecting and encouraging propagation of these unique native species.


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