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Bee Happy Mix 

Item #: 4505
Category: Native Seed Mixes
Habit: Annual & Perennial
Planting Rates: 

20 lbs per acre

Lawn & Garden
Pkt covers 20 sq ft
Dpak per 200 sq ft
1 lb per 850 sq ft

Pkt - $3.00
Dpak - $24.00
1 lb - $47.00



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
 X    X    X    X    X                medium 




Native Bees & Honey Bees!

Sometimes we tend to forget about the smaller things in life that really do make the world go ‘round. Just as wildlife has suffered from increased fragmentation of land through urbanization, so have bees, beetles, & butterflies. Not long ago, beekeepers would ask farmers to set beehives near croplands in exchange for some honey. Now farmers are paying beekeepers to bring in hives for their crops. Hives are trucked all over the nation. A third of U.S. food supply depends on pollinators.

Why the decline in pollinators? Could it be the increased use of pesticides... or light pollution to the night sky? 

 Whatever the reasons, many organizations are offering helpful information and incentives for people to plant pollinator habitats. Pollinators like plants that produce pollen, nectar, habitat, shelter and safety from predators. Pollinators need nectar throughout most of the year, not just in spring. Planting diverse native wildflowers will benefit honey bees & native bees.

Are Neonicotinoids Killing Bees?
article by Xerces Society

List of Neonicotinoids*
*Native American Seed Farm does not use
Thank you for the encouragement from many of our customers, especially Becky Bender and the Texas Beekeepers Association along with ongoing efforts from other pollinator resources such as the Texas Bumblebees and Xerces Society.

Photos (left) by Jessica Womack & Carol Clark

Bumble Bee Research by Jessica Beckham:

Persistence of Bumble Bees
in Northeast Texas [4 pp]

The Influence of Urban Green Spaces
on Declining Bumble Bees [150 pp]

  Texas Bluebonnet
  Cutleaf Daisy
  Indian Blanket
  American Basketflower
  Lanceleaf Coreopsis
  Purple Prairie Clover
  Purple Coneflower
  Annual Winecup
  White Prairie Clover
  Partridge Pea
  Lemon Mint
  Illinois Bundleflower
  Black-Eyed Susan
  Tahoka Daisy
  Prairie Verbena
  Common Sunflower
  Rattlesnake Master
  Maximilian Sunflower
  Rose Milkweed
  Sleepy Daisy
  Tall Goldenrod
  Blue Mistflower

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