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Useful Wild Plants - Volume 3 

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Author: Cheatham & Johnston with Marshall
Book Type: Hardcover

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A lifetime endeavor to alphabetically list every plant and its uses in the southern plains. The third in a series of fifteen that systematically chronicles the economically useful wild plants of the region centered in Texas and radiating through the southern half of the United States and northern Mexico. The complete series will include descriptions, photographs, distribution maps, and use information on over 4,000 species of native and naturalized plants of this region.

covers 23 genera (129 species and varieties) from Canna (canna) through Celtis (hackberry). 642 pages, 7" x 11" cloth bound, acid free Lumisilk matt art paper; unique two-color figured endpapers; 160 full color photos, 131 color distribution maps, 1 line drawing, 1 photo, 1 scale, bibliographical references, index.

The Authors
This mammoth work, which underscores the unique position of Texas' wild plant life as it relates to North America in general, is co-authored by Scooter Cheatham, and Marshall Johnston, and Lynn Marshall. The foreword is by E. Arthur Bell, Director Emeritus, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London.

Something For Everyone
This is a hands-on resource for botanists, field researchers, foresters, ranchers, landowners and leaseholders, archeologists, teachers, biochemists, chefs, naturalists, and many others. It will illustrate thousands of uses of native plants for food, medicine, pharmaceuticals, oils, rubbers, fuels, fibers, landscaping, and many other domestic, industrial, and commercial purposes. Usefully designed, each entry contains a thumbnail summary for quick reference of both common and scientific names for genus and family, marginal notes with flagged key words, location maps, and color photographs for each species discussed in the comprehensive, descriptive text.

Why It's Important
This work will provide an economic argument for the preservation of land and the natural plant life that exists on that land, in an appeal to "save the rainforest in your own backyard."

Ask For It By Name
The complete title filed in the Library of Congress is: The Useful Wild Plants of Texas, the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, the Southern Plains, and Northern Mexico.


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