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A Short History of Progress 

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Category: Books
Author: Ronald Wright
Book Type: Softcover




Each time history repeats itself, so it's said, the price goes up. The twentieth century was a time of runaway growth in human numbers, consumption, and technology, placing a colossal load on all natural systems, especially earth, air, and water - the very elements of life. The great question of the twenty-first century is how, or whether, this can go on.

In A Short History of Progress Ronald Wright shows how our modern predicament is as old as civilization, a 10,000-year experiment we unleashed but have seldom controlled. Only by understanding the patterns of progress and disaster that humanity has repeated around the world since the Stone Age can we recognize the experiment's inherent dangers, and, with luck and wisdom, shape its outcome.

Native American Seed recommends this
Seven Story Sequence:

Knowing what happened in the past is essential to make meaningful, lasting changes to the future. Read this series in order. Learn what has occurred over the course of human history that got us to where we are right now.Learn to better understand where we may be going from here.

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7) A Short History of Progress


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