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A Design Manual for Urban Areas 
Low Impact Development

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Category: Books
Author: UA Community Design Center
Book Type: Softcover




Landscapes, cities, and buildings will be tasked with delivering ecological services that enhance environmental capital, including key services from ecologically-based stormwater management:

flood control,
clean water supply,
erosion control,
soil formation,
nutrient cycling,
waste treatment,
refugia (habitat),
carbon sequestration,
and disturbance regulation.

"Beautifully composed and very accessibly written. Clear, brilliant, attractive, useful, and pertinent. All young people should read this, boy does it communicate" - ASLA Professional Awards Jury

Low Impact Development: A Design Manual for Urban Areas is designed for those involved in urban property development, from homeowners, to institutions, developers, designers, cities, and regional authorities. The manual presents a graphic argument, illustrating the application of ecologically-based stormwater treatment technologies in urban contexts. The manualís unique contribution is its advancement of LID from a set of suburban lot-based technologies to a distributed urban treatment network deployed at neighborhood, municipal, and regional scales.


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