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each case = 100+ catalogs 
1 Case Catalogs - Past Issues (approx 100)

Item #: 9999
Category: Books
Author: Native American Seed
Book Type: color photos, full of information about natives




NOTE: Most likely these will be a box of all the same issue.

Native American Seed keeps boxes of back issues available for artists & educators who are looking for a practical guide for their classes. Below are a few things we've heard our customers like to do with them...Let us know if you have other creative ideas!

Catalogs make great plant ID books:
If you are out on the ranch, or hiking your favorite Texas state park - there's no faster way to quickly ID plants than to pull out one of these rolled up seed catalogs from your back pocket. For those who lead group eco-tours, handing out a copy to each individual is cost efficient.

Beautiful Native Plant Artwork:
Children enjoy creating artwork out of the high quality color photographs while learning about their native flora. Thomas (pictured top-left) sure had fun covering a small cardboard box with wildflower photos to make a custom birthday present gift box. Outside of the box he had a diversity of native wildflower & grass pictures that he proudly cut out of a catalog.
Inside the box was:
1) a packet of Lady Bird's Legacy,
2) 1/4 lb of Native Trail Mix,
3) a d-pak of Blackland Prairie Mix and
4) 1 lb of Shade-Friendly Grasses.

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