Texas Wintergrass
Nassella leucotricha
One tough grass seed to harvest and clean. Grains are big and heavy like wheat, but with a twisted, 3 inch long awn and a barb at one end. As youngsters we knew this as speargrass. Found all across Texas in better bottomland soils and mesquite flats. Lush green growth, up to 18" ht, during cool season. Blooms are silky purple early in spring as shown by inset. In late spring after the seeds have fallen, dry wispy stems glisten in the sun. Extremely drought tolerant and actually evergreen. We mowed our patch only twice during the last dry year and never watered it.

Available in mixes & D-Paks only.

Bruno, the younger farm dog, walking thru Texas Wintergrass late-winter (above)

Planting Tips for Texas Wintergrass:
Grains are heavy like wheat, but with a twisted awn and barb at one end. To plant, (recommended to wear gloves) carefully pull apart and toss onto bare soil. It's the most amazing thing, these seeds will plant themselves! Fluctuating humidity causes the awn to twist when dry and untwist when moistpushing the pointed end of the seed into the ground. After some time, you will find them pointing strait down under the surface of soil with only the awns visible in the air, like hair. It's possible that the awncollects dew and channels it down to the seed below. Texas Wintergrass is extremely drought tolerant and evergreen! Established plants will produce a seed crop in late spring following a beautiful show of silky purple blooms.
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