Aster, Tall - Roots
Aster praealtus
These Asters are native to the Hill Country of Texas, and are generally found in moist soils. The flowers are 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches across. Masses of these purple blooms are really a sight to see in the fall! Like almost all of our fall blooming wildflowers, Tall Asters are a very important source of nectar for migrating Monarch butterflies. Get them established, and you and the butterflies will enjoy them for years to come!

Tips on Planting Live Roots

You'll receive roots that will make 15 or more plants. The roots, also called rhizomes, are undergound stems capable of producing new stems or plants at their nodes. Plant roots as soon as you receive them, then give a good deep watering for easy establishment.

Order by 11am on Monday. We dig and ship roots every Tuesday with 1-2 days UPS delivery (out of state extra charges may apply). Please be ready to plant & water your roots A.S.A.P. after receipt of order. Our goal is to ship roots on Tuesdays but from time to time mother nature has her own plans. If your shipment of roots is time critical, please call to make special arrangements. If you also have seeds in your order that you want to be shipped sooner, please advise on comment section of your order. Additional shipping will be charged.
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