Datura inoxia
Everything about this plant is large! The plant itself is widely branching and bushy; its leaves being up to 8 inches long. The large white, trumpet-shaped flowers are equally large. It makes a surprising splash of white where it grows; and as it's found all over the state of Texas, it doesn't seem to be too particular about conditions. Jimsonweed blooms open in the late afternoon, and are closed by mid-morning, during hot weather. They are pollinated by moths at night.

Keep in mind that the whole plant is poisonous. Animals eating it usually isn't a problem, because they don't like the smell or texture. However, if you have small children be aware that it will make them sick if they ingest any part of it. We suggest that you plant Jimsonweed in a spot where you want a shrub that can be seen from the house, but not near the house itself.

Jimson-Weed bloom waiting for cooler temps to open into big white flower (above)
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