Lazy Daisy
Aphanostephus sp.
This compact annual grows from 2 to 18 inches tall, and blooms in the afternoons from Spring to frost, depending on your location. It's abundant in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. It also is found in southern parts of Mississippi and Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida. Lazy Daisies love sandy soil, but will grow happily in good garden soil as long as it's well drained. This well-behaved plant makes a large, rounded mound of cheerful blossoms. It's an especially nice plant for rock gardens or for the front of your flower border. Also add them to a wildflower meadow or use them as a groundcover. In some areas white-tailed deer browse them throughout the year. They have a high crude protein content, so make an excellent addition to a wildlife habitat, too.

Lazy Daisy bloom (above)

Seeds of a Lazy Daisy (above)
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