Riverbank Restoration
Concerned about increasingly severe erosion of its riverbank property, Texas Tech enlisted the help of several state and government agencies to repair damage and restore vegetation.
The implementation was done primarily by a diverse group of young people from the Americorps program.
NEI was called in to make adjustments to the vegetation plan and to oversee the implementation, which was operating under an extremely tight budget.
The Natural Resources Conservation Service provided some extra manpower, and special biodegradable mats to control erosion as the work progressed.
Because the budget for the revegetation part of the project was less than one percent of the total, the team had to be very resourceful in its approach.
A special seed mix of over 30 species was provided by Native American Seed...
... and all seeding was done by hand.
Seeds were mixed with riverbank sand before spreading to help them get a good start...
...and to aid in evenness of distribution to make the best possible use of the limited quantity available.
The project extended over three months in early spring, and included a greenhouse operation.
Existing plants along the riverbank were carefully divided and nurtured in pots for transplanting at the appropriate time.
And the fact that the plants had to be ferried across the river in canoes provided an extra bit of fun.
Mission accomplished with a shoestring budget...
...and an abundance of enthusiasm and hard work.

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