West of Houston lies the land that is still known as the "Katy Prairie." This site is near the headwaters of the Buffalo Bayou.
The land has a history of use that includes cattle ranching and industrial-scale agriculture that severely depleted the soil. Now it is being converted to residential use, with the accompanying disruption and severe compaction.
Changes to the site by the developer included channelizing this former creek that ran through the property. NEI worked with course developers to analyze the soil throughout the site develop an all-organic approach to correct imbalances.
In addition to enriching the soil with 100 tons of compost and natural minerals, NEI worked with the designers of the course to specify the mix of natives that would work best for the site. Native American Seed provided the soil enhancement materials and the seeds.
Preparing and seeding the out-of-play areas of a golf course presents special challenges...
Project deadlines are tight, and the weather unpredictable as always.
Work has to be coordinated closely with other contractors on the site with often very different tasks to accomplish...
...and it all has to come together in the end so the course will be ready for play the following year.
Fairways and greens are in place, and native seeds are already beginning to take root on the majority of the 300-acre course.
Ready for play.

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