Roadside Beautification
NEI provided expertise and specialized equipment to the contractor's crew for this project of seeding native grasses and wildflowers along Interstate 37.
Three separate compartments holding seeds at the back need to be calibrated independently.
The valuable seeds are weighed out on triple-beam balance scales to within 1/10 gram... they can be run through the hopper down a measured stretch of highway and collected... make sure the calibration is accurate and the seeds will be distributed evenly.
Our no-till drill is the most advanced of its kind, specially made to cut and curl existing turf... preparation for the seeds to be dropped in the cut and smoothed down with wheels at the back.
In a similar project for the city of San Antonio we provided the labor too, and planted miles of median strips and right-of-way areas.
With careful attention to detail and the right equipment and expertise...
...everything is in place in time for the Fall rains that will bring new life and color to the roadsides in the coming Spring.

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