Prairie Project
The Composite Technology plant is in the background, visible through the mist on a fall morning.
Teacher Jane Weaver with one of her students.
A place where kids can learn about life outside the four walls of a classroom.
Each year the kids host an "open house" for the Prairie Project for relatives and friends. It gives them a chance to show off what they've learned!
Over the past ten years, the children of Gililland Elementary have planted literally hundreds of trees on the site.
There's nothing like a good sprint across the prairie to unwind pent-up energy from sitting at a desk all morning!
Looking for plant species and bugs can easily bring all the excitement and energy of a treasure hunt.
When you understand how nature works and appreciate the fragility of its beauty, you also know when it's okay to pick a flower for your very own enjoyment.
Learning the arts of persistence and concentration can be easier outside the confines of a chair and a desk.
Plants aren't just to be looked at, they also have uses...
...such as providing dyes for textiles...
...or using as warpaint, perhaps?
A little miniature lake on the grounds gives space for quiet chats and reflection.
And there are plenty of colorful backdrops to use at picture-posing time.
Some of the plants have multiple possible uses...
The native peoples might have used these types of cane to build their houses...
Or we can imagine them as swords, flags in a parade, or ladders to reach the sky...

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