Pure native seeds and their inherent legendary genetics are complete...withstanding the test of time. Only through your interest in our work can Native American Seed continue. We are grateful to you ...inspiring every action of our hands, head and heart. Time has arrived in the city and country to make paradigm shifts in how we connect to outdoor living spaces. Human legend always endures toward the future. Realities of increased water shortages and exponential land fragmentation continue, as intensifying climate change becomes the new norm. But the land still awaits your helping hands...to restore native landscapes... not only for nature's sake, but also for your own. With Native American Seed, the age-old gesture of sowing good seeds upon the land connects our modern nomadism to the local community. Capture your place in these challenging times. Join in the story. Each of us is influencing how the story turns out. Our staff invite you to explore the full pallet of native wildflowers, grasses, thunder turf, unique conservancy species and mixes. Native American Seed is committed to preventing the spread of invasive species. Photo credits Carolyn Fannon.

Local Native Prairies

Local native prairies, source of ancient life... provide pure waters, clear blue skies, fertile organic earth. Now is the time to plant many of the grasses and wildflowers that are part of the "rainforest" in our area of the planet - the Coastal Prairies, Blackland Prairies, Western Rangeland, Eastern Savannah and Midway. Pocket Prairies are small urban wildlife refuges for songbirds, bees and butterflies.

Milkweed Corridor Needed

Efforts to protect the Monarch Butterfly and bolster it's migration are under way. Dramatic 2014 overwintering population plunge in Mexico. We are approaching Last Call for the Monarchs to help strengthen the web of life. Sustain the Migration Kit includes 60 native milkweed seeds to grow food for monarch caterpillars. Larger quantities of Common Milkweed available. Read more on Attracting Native Pollinators and The Amazing Monarch.

Quality Tools Made in USA

Start with heavy duty tools made in the USA - 100% organic control of alien species such as KR Bluestem (from Asia), Bastard Cabbage or Musk Thistle (from Europe, Asia). Aliens compete fiercely for available sunlight and water. Native American Seed encourages the removal and control on all non-native species for the benefit of our vanishing eco-systems. A good resource to learn more about alien species is Texas Invasives Database.

Longtime favorite tools:
Tomahawk - general all purpose hoe
Arrow - tool for early detection
Trail Builder - hoe and pick in one
Fire Rake - robust hoe and rake

Converting from conventional lawn grasses requires special attention. Alien bermudagrass is persistent and invasive. It can reproduce from seeds, runners, and rhizomes. If tilled or chopped, and not completely removed, runners aggresively take root and re-grow. But with equally aggresive persistance, bermudagrass is possible to completely remove. Learn how by reading Bermudagrass Management Guide. St Augustine sod is more easily converted using a tomahawk, sodcutter or other mothods. Rake up and remove surface runners.

Native American Seed

Spring Planting Favorites

If we choose to re-connect to our outdoor living spaces with the diversity of native plants and grasses, many benefits will return to the land. Benefits to many species, but to the humans too.

There are many excellent native seeds available for spring planting, here's a few favorites:

Water Saver Kit - contains more than 1/2 million seeds. Think of the possibilities.
Prairie Starter Mix - native tallgrass mix
Thunder Turf - break the habit of wasting water & mowing. It's your land.
Erosion Control Blankets - hold moisture & valuable topsoil, speed up germination
Requiem for a Lawnmower - inspirational and humorous tales of transforming a conventional landscape into a low-maintenance native paradise
Shade Friendly Grass - thrives in dappled sunlight in and around woods
Sustainable Quail & Dove Mix - good for turkeys too

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