Many sensible people are now enjoying the adventure, discovery and benefits that come with taking an active role in ecological landscape restoration. Our staff invite you to Shop for Natives and explore the full pallet of native wildflowers, grasses, unique conservancy species and mixes. Native American Seed is committed to preventing the spread of invasive species.

Planting for Pollinators

Start a backyard revolution in your lawn & garden! Sometimes we tend to forget about the smaller things in life that really do make the world go 'round. Just as wildlife has suffered from increased fragmentation of land through urbanization, so have bees, beetles & butterflies. Why the decline in pollinators? Could it be the increased use of pesticides.. or light pollution to the night sky? Whatever the reasons, many organizations are offering helpful information and incentives for people to plant pollinator habitats. The NEW Bee Happy Mix includes 33 wildflowers that produce pollen, nectar, habitat, shelter and safety from predators throughout the year. Planting diverse native wildflowers will benefit native bees and honey bees.

Gifts to Promote & Sustain Diversity

Efforts to protect the Monarch Butterfly and bolster it's migration are under way. Host a party for butterflies with Butterfly Garden Kit.

Looking for milkweeds? Sustain the Migration Kit includes 6 separately packaged native milkweeds.

How about a 2015 Texas Hill Country Calendar (June image was taken on our farm), the calendar itself is a teaching tool worth sharing far and wide!

Bring nature home with Offerings to the Winged Ones Kit.

Find more Earth Friendly, Practical, Thoughtful gifts that keep giving in our Gift Shop.

Quality Tools Made in USA

Start with heavy duty tools made in the USA - 100% organic control of alien species such as KR Bluestem (from Asia), Bastard Cabbage or Musk Thistle (from Europe, Asia). Aliens compete fiercely for available sunlight and water. Native American Seed encourages the removal and control on all non-native species for the benefit of our vanishing eco-systems. A good resource to learn more about alien species is Texas Invasives Database.

Longtime favorite tools:
Tomahawk - general all purpose hoe
Arrow - tool for early detection
Trail Builder - hoe and pick in one
Fire Rake - robust hoe and rake

Winter Reading Books & Resources

Native American Seed

Winter Planting Favorites

If we choose to re-connect to our outdoor living spaces with the diversity of native plants, many benefits will return to the land. Benefits to many species, but to the humans too.

Wondering what to plant in cooler temperatures? Many of the natives can be seeded now in combination with a nurse crop of Cereal Rye Grain - temporary cover adds organic matter to the soil. Erosion Control Blankets - are helpful at holding moisture & valuable topsoil.

Try a diverse prairie mixture:

Blackland Prairie Mix
Coastal Prairie Mix
Scorched Earth Recovery
Southeast Recovery
Sustainable Quail & Dove Mix

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