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Hummers & Singers 

Item #: 4503
Category: Native Seed Mixes
Habit: Annual & Perennial
Planting Rates: 
20 lbs per acre
1 lb covers 2000 sq ft
1/4 lb per 500 sq ft
packet covers 20 sq ft

1 pkt. - $3.00
1/4 lb. - $17.00
1 lb. - $44.00



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
 X    X    X    X    X                Medium Moist 




Favorites among our winged friends. Songbirds and hummingbirds use these plants as food source, nesting materials and cover. Select a sunny space. Open the window into the fascinating world of birds. More rewarding than any bird feeder!

This pair of baby hummingbirds were born on our Native American Seed farm. Lucky mama had plenty of natural nectar and tiny insects to feed her young

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