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Jumpstart healing of your land! 
Southeast Recovery Mix

Item #: 1817
Category: Native Seed Mixes
Habit: Annual & Perennial
Planting Rates: 

6 lbs per acre

Lawn & Garden
Dpak per 650 sq ft
1 lb per 1,300 sq ft

Dpak - $25.00
1 lb - $34.00



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
 X    X    X        X    X    X        dry, medium, moist 




Plant now! This mix includes a large diversity of native cool and warm season natives.

Pine trees in the background, this sandy grassland has Little Bluestem and a diversity of other native grasses and forbs (above)

Native seed mixture for sandy, neutral to slightly acid soils recently impacted by wildfires in the Bastrop Lost Pines, Oakwoods Prairie, Pineywoods and Gulf Coast Prairie eco-regions. Species include 56 wildflowers and prairie grasses known to thrive in sandy areas east of IH 35.

Re-seeding may be important in soil stabilization on highly erodible, steep slopes. Give new life to your patch of earth and help return your ecosystem to a healthy functioning condition.

Note: Do No Harm..."I would recommend against any non-native seed whether it be perennial or annual ... I think we will do more harm by adding non natives in an attempt to aid recovery." -- Rich Gray, Texas Forest Service, Oasis Wildfire

*** In respect of our long partnership with TPWD and our shared concern for the management of Bastrop and Buescher State Parks, please consider maintaining appropriate buffers to all lands that are adjacent to the parks when introducing seeds or plants into the landscape. Also, please give appropriate consideration to those private lands sharing upstream drainages, creeks or areas where run-off to the parks could become an issue in future restoration efforts. more on Bastrop State Park and the 500-year Recovery from Wildfire

Thank for your interest in our work.

For fall plantings, a cool season nurse crop of Cereal Rye Grain added at 20 lbs / acre will improve erosion control while perennial natives become established.

For more information visit:
Wildfire Reference Guide

  * seed from prairie remnant conservancy harvest
  Little Bluestem native Colorado County*
  American Aloe*
  Big Bluestem*
  Black-Eyed Susan
  Broomsedge Bluestem*
  Brownseed Paspalum*
  Bushy Bluestem*
  Cane Bluestem
  Clasping Coneflower
  Common Sunflower*
  Cutleaf Daisy
  Florida Paspalum*
  Giant Coneflower*
  Green Sprangletop
  Gulf Coast Muhly
  Hairawn Muhlygrass*
  Hooded Windmill Grass
  Horned Beaksedge*
  Illinois Bundleflower
  Indian Blanket
  Knotroot Bristlegrass*
  Lanceleaf Coreopsis*
  Lemon Mint
  Longspike Tridens*
  Marsh Elder*
  Native Sedge*
  Partridge Pea*
  Plains Coreopsis
  Prairie Agalinis*
  Prairie Verbena
  Prairie Wildrye
  Purple Prairie Clover
  Ragweed Annual*
  Rattlesnake Master*
  Red Lovegrass*
  Rough Buttonweed*
  Sand Dropseed
  Sand Lovegrass
  Sideoats Grama
  Slim Tridens*
  Splitbeard Bluestem*
  Tall Dropseed**
  Tall Goldenrod*
  Texas Bluebonnet
  Texas Cupgrass
  Texas Yellow Star
  Maximilian Sunflower
  White Prairie Clover
  Red Lovegrass
  Purple Lovegrass

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