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Wood Fiber NetFree Erosion Control Blanket

Item #: 7059
Category: Equipment
Height: 8' x 90'
Planting Rates: each roll covers 720 sq ft

Roll - $85.00 each



Soil Moisture

Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
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This NetFree 100% biodegradable erosion blanket uses unique interlocking, curled, aspen wood fibers stitched together with thread. This high quality blanket is manufactured without the use of plastic nettings which can entrap wildlife such as lizards and snakes. Perfect for holding seeds on slopes, channels and other erodible areas!

"I convinced my company's mgmt to forbid the use of poly-net materials on our 500-mile pipeline project "
- JWK, Environmental Manager

March, 2012. NetFree erosion control blankets are installed over a diverse planting of wildflower and prairie grass seeds. This blanket is slower to degrade than hydromulch and will hold moisture longer. The area being reseeded and covered is the front yard of a Hill Country residence with steep slopes. Thin soils called for extra protection against runoff (above)

Shipping per roll is approximately $35 depending on your zipcode.

We highly recommend installing each blanket with a bag of staples. Don't forget the Staples!. Staples ensure blanket stays put. It is important to securely fasten blanket against ground to prevent water from eroding soil under blanket.

Please watch our 2 minute instructional video (above) for tips on installation.


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